What certification do these tests have?

Our tests have CE Marking, MHRA and BfArM (the German equivalent of the MHRA) accreditation. Our test kits are also home use approved in the UK and EU

Where are these tests being used?

Our tests are used and trusted throughout the UK including at all airports, within the NHS and in a number of large companies in various sectors.

How accurate are the tests? 

We have clinical trials from the UK, USA, Sweden and China which show a combined accuracy of 98.6% (96.8% diagnostic sensitivity and 99.3% specificity).

How are they priced so competitively? 

It seems that the average market price for these tests is at least £15. Most suppliers retailers seem to be adding a significant amount for no reason at all. We, like you, believe this is wrong and instead want to price the product competitively and therefore encourage people to test as often as possible.

How should I store the tests?

The tests should be stored at room temperature and kept out of direct sunlight. They have a shelf life of 24 months.

Can I return an item? 

Unfortunately due to the nature of these products and sanitation standards they cannot be returned for a refund. Any questions related to complaints please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@hugheshealthcarelabs.com

Can I use these tests for travel confirmation? 

Most countries require a negative PCR test to travel. Some countries (and increasingly more) allow for antigen tests due to the slow and costly nature of PCR testing. It is worth double checking the requirements of your destination country.